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2020_03_16_Letter from Archbishop Smith

Bulletin for all 3 parish communities:


May 31 Bulletin

May 24

May 17 Bulletin


6. June 2020


Rosary Times: Cancelled until further notice. 

Sermon Reflection Questions:

May 24: “How often do you thank Jesus for His many life-giving gifts to us?”

May 17: “Can you take time to be still and to listen to the quiet, gentle voice that god has placed within us?”

May 10:What does your daily prayer schedule look like? Are you faithful to it?

May 3: Whose voice is it that I am following?  Is it the voice of the immoral elements of our society?  Or do I follow the voice of the Lord?”

April 26: “Do you welcome Jesus while He journeys along with you; do you ask for His help; for His strength and wisdom?”

April 19: “How do you understand the concept of “faith”?

April 12: “If you have ever been depressed, where was your hope? If you came out of depression, what place did hope play in your healing?”

April 5: “How often do you thank the Lord for all He has done for you in His passion and death?”

March 29: “Do you hear the voice of Jesus calling you back to Him, to reconciliation with Him? Run……………..?”

March 22: “What are some simple things that you can do when you find yourself in a spiritual battle with Satan?”

March 15: “For what do you thirst? How do you try to satisfy your thirst?”

March 8: “In what ways may fear stop you from fully following Jesus and sharing His love with the people in your life?”

March 1: “Is whatever you “give up” for Lent, that is, something of the world that you are doing without, bringing you closer to God and His ways?”

February 23: “Do you remember to pray each day to ask God to help you to live a holy life and to bring others to holiness as well?”

February 16: “Who does Jesus see, when He looks into your heart?”

February 9:  “Jesus is asking us to allow the light in us to shine. How many of us can truly boast that someone has found the Light of Christ through us?”

February 2: “How do you understand Jesus is truly human and truly god?”